The Theory and Practice of Concurrency

Welcome to the web site for The theory and practice of concurrency, a text by Bill Roscoe in the Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science.

Note that this web site is presently under construction, so not all of the promised material may be accessible when you visit it. You are welcome to ask me about the status of any of this development.

This site contains a variety of material that should be of interest to readers of the book:

A directory of CSP tools including several demonstrations.

Example files that implement many of the programs in the text in a form that can be run on various tools.

Files containing masters of OHP slides that can be used when teaching from the book.

Selected additional textual material such as papers and theses. This page now live!

Links to other sites of interest.

Teaching materials including solutions to the exercises in the book and further exercises (including practicals) that can be used in connection with courses based on it.

Extracts from the text including the Preface, the Table of Contents and several chapters and appendices.

You can also contact the author or order a copy.

There is a list of errata.