Standa Živný

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Tutorial Fellow at Jesus College
University of Oxford

E-mail standa • zivny @ cs • ox • ac • uk

Research Interests: algorithms, computational complexity, constraint satisfaction, discrete optimisation

Short Bio: I grew up in Soběslav, a small town in the south of Bohemia, Czech republic. Before coming to England, I read computer science in the Czech republic, Netherlands, and Finland. I came to Oxford in 2006 and spent here three years as a doctoral student working on my thesis that won the ACP doctoral research award and was then published by Springer as a monograph and three years as a stipendiary Junior Research Fellow in Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Oxford's University College. After a year at Warwick I took a faculty position at Oxford in 2013.

Standa Zivny

Trivia: My first name is Stanislav but I go by Standa /'stʌn.da/, which is a commonly used Czech variant of Stanislav. My last name Živný /'ʒ has two diacritics called the caron (háček in Czech) and the acute (čárka in Czech) accent respectively; this can be achieved in LaTeX by \v{Z}ivn\'y. I support The INCTR Challenge Fund.