Standa Zivny

Standa Živný

Professor of Computer Science
University of Oxford

Email: standa • zivny @ cs • ox • ac • uk
Phone: +44 (0)1865 610724

A faculty member at Oxford since 2013, a full professor since 2021.


My research is in the broad areas of theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics. I am particularly interested in algorithms, computational complexity, and homomorphism problems. Most of my work lies at the intersection of the above, namely it is on (the mathematics of) constraint satisfaction problems (CSP) in its many forms.

All my publications are available online. Here are some examples of problems I have worked on:

Get in touch if you are interested in doing an undergraduate project, a master dissertation, or a PhD with me. I cannot take on interns (except for, occasionally, Oxford undergraduates) and thus generally do not respond to such requests. I'm happy to supervise highly motivated students with a strong background in theoretical computer science and/or (any branch of) mathematics in any area of in algorithms, discrete mathematics, or computational complexity.



I currently serve as the Deputy Head of Department (Teaching). Previously, I served for three years as the Director of Teaching.

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My first name is Stanislav but I go by Standa /'stʌn.da/, a commonly used Czech variant/diminutive of Stanislav.

My last name Živný /'ʒ has two diacritics called the caron and acute accent respectively; this can be achieved in LaTeX by \v{Z}ivn\'{y}.

For several special reasons I try to minimise travel but you can always visit me (virtually) in Oxford.