Download abstracts and speaker arrival/departure times here.

Day Time Speaker Talk title
Sunday 9.30am Valérie Berthé Numeration dynamics and carry propagation
2pm Evgeniy Zorin Hartmanis, Stearns and Mahler
4pm Igor Potapov Reachability problems in low-dimensional matrices and maps
Monday 9.30am Dick Lipton The Skolem Conjecture: An Idea
2pm James Worrell On the Skolem Problem for Continuous Linear Dynamical Systems
4pm Raphaël Jungers Path-Complete Lyapunov Techniques: when Algebra and Combinatorics meet in Control
Tuesday 9.30am Joël Ouaknine Positivity Problems for Simple Linear Recurrence Sequences
2pm Akitoshi Kawamura Computational complexity of differential equations
4pm Amaury Pouly On the decidability of point-to-point controllability in LTI systems
Wednesday 9.30am Carl Dettmann Escape rates and Diophantine approximation
2pm – Excursion
Thursday 9.30am Borja Balle Approximation Algorithms for Weighted Automata
2pm Nathanaël Fijalkow Hidden Markov Models of Bounded Ambiguity

10-17 March 2017