Developing Codes of Ethics for AI

This is very much work in progress. But here, we look at some broad issues that need to be considered when developing and applying codes of ethics. These are all questions that we are actively considering in this project.

Ground-clearing work: sifting through the hype. First off, the hype can alert us to concern about the issues with AI, but it can also distract us.

What are the codes for? Who are the codes for? Codes of ethics exist within a nested context of surrounding institutions, cultures, societies, and laws. It’s vital to understand this.

Who develops the codes? Hopefully not Dr Evil. But most people think they are one of the good guys. You’re one too, right? Thinking in ethics is not just a technological problem. So we need to think carefully about not just what the codes are going to be like, but who’s involved in the whole process of development.

What authority do such codes have, and who enforces them?

Are there any drawbacks to having codes of ethics?

We would like to thank the Future of Life Institute for their generous sponsorship of our programme of research.