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EOLO is a prototype system written in Java for answering conjunctive queries over ELHOs knowledge bases—a logic containing all of OWL 2 EL, but with complex role inclusions restricted to role transitivity and reflexivity. EOLO generalises the KARMA system for answering conjunctive queries over ELHO knowledge bases—the fragment of ELHOs obtained by forbidding transitive and reflexive roles.

Our prototype uses the RDFox system to materialise the logical consequences of datalog programs.


In the zip file below you can find a cross-platform distribution of the prototype EOLO. The archive contains a runnable jar file (EOLO.jar) that can be directly executed following the instructions in the README file. In addition, the archive contains the source files (EOLO-src.jar) and the evaluation data.

EOLO is open-source and released under LGPL.


Using EOLO

Currently, EOLO is only available with a command-line interface; furthermore, our system requires Java 8. The README in the zip file provides all the information required to run our system.


Giorgio Stefanoni and Boris Motik


UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs

Key Publications

Giorgio Stefanoni and Boris Motik. Answering Conjunctive Queries over EL Knowledge Bases with Transitive and Reflexive Roles. AAAI 2015. To appear.