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LogMap Ontology Matching Tool


LogMap is an ontology matching tool developed as part of the LogMap project.

LogMap is highly scalable ontology matching system with 'built-in' reasoning and diagnosis capabilities. LogMap can deal with semantically rich ontologies containing tens (and even hundreds) of thousands of classes such as NCI, FMA and SNOMED CT.

In contrast to most existing tools, LogMap also implements algorithms for 'on the fly' unsatisfiability detection and repair. Hence, LogMap is able to produce a 'clean' set of output mappings in many cases, in the sense that the ontology obtained by integrating LogMap's output mappings with the input ontologies is consistent and does not contain unsatisfiable classes.

Expected Ontology Lexicon

LogMap relies on the lexicon provided by the ontologies. This lexicon is expected as a part of the entity URIs or as entity annotations. Currently, LogMap only extracts information from a subset of the given annotation. Thus, if your ontologies are using an annotation different from "rdfs:label", please let us know so that we can update LogMap accordingly to fit your requirements.


LogMap is open-source and released under GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0. Latest components and source code are available from LogMap's GitHub page. Old sources and packages can be downloaded from LogMap's Google Code Project.

LogMap from the Web

LogMap provides a Web front-end where matching tasks can be easily requested:

If you find any problem when running LogMap's web facility please send us an email to (ernesto[at], we will try to answer you within the next 24 hours.

Key Publications

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