Reino Niskanen
Automated Verification,
Department of Computer Science,
University of Oxford

Jesus College,
University of Oxford

Personal Info

I'm a research associate at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford.
I'm a working on verification for infinite-state systems with Prof. Joël Ouaknine.

My research interests are decidability questions in different computational models. Mostly focusing on decidability and complexity in various variants of linear dynamical systems, vector addition games, matrix problems and semi-Thue systems.

I'm also a lecturer at Jesus College teaching core first-year computer science courses.

Before starting this post-doc, I was working on algorithmic verification of string-manipulating programs with Prof. Anthony W. Lin. I did my PhD in Liverpool under supervision of Prof. Igor Potapov, Dr Vesa Halava, and Prof. Paul Spirakis.

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2019-20, Hilary Term: Lecturer for Digital Systems, Imperative Programming at Jesus College
         Michaelmas Term: Lecturer for Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra at Jesus College
2018-19, Hilary Term: Teaching Assistant for Automata, Logic and Games

(at University of Liverpool)
2017-18: Demonstrator for COMP309 Efficient Sequential Algorithms
2016-17: Demonstrator for COMP108 Algorithmic Foundations, COMP202 Complexity of Algorithms
2015-16: Demonstrator for COMP108 Algorithmic Foundations, COMP118 Logic in Computer Science
2014-15: Demonstrator for COMP108 Algorithmic Foundations


Office:Wolfson Building, 366A
Phone:+44 1865 610750
Postal address:Department of Computer Science,
University of Oxford,
Wolfson Building, Parks Road,
Oxford OX1 3QD,
United Kingdom

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