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Mobile and Sensor Networks

Recent years have witnessed the advent of wireless mobile and sensor technologies and the proliferation of application scenarios whereby large numbers of pervasive computing devices are connected to a wireless networking infrastructure in an ad hoc manner. This course will cover communication protocols for mobile ad hoc networks and will overview distributed data management techniques for resource-constrained sensor networks.

Course dates

Future courses yet to be planned.


  • To identify applications and challenges of emerging networked environments (mobile and sensor networks)
  • To become familiar with communication protocols for wireless mobile ad hoc networks
  • To explore data management techniques for resource-constrained sensor networks
  • To learn how to simulate communication protocols for mobile / sensor networks and evaluate their performance


Introduction to MANETs (Mobile Ad hoc NETworks):
origins, application scenarios, model and challenges of wireless ad hoc communication
Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols:
interference and hidden/exposed terminal problems; contention-based vs. contention free protocols
Routing protocols:
proactive/reactive distance-vector routing; geographic routing; attribute-based routing
Delay tolerant networks (DTNs):
application scenarios; epidemic and gossip-based protocols
Sensor networks:
limited resource constraints; in-network query processing; in-network storage management
Network simulation:
implementation and testing of communication protocols for wireless ad hoc networks; evaluation of their performance
OPNET Software:
OPNET software will be used in teaching.


Fluency in an object-oriented language, like C++ or Java, is required.