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MSc Week for projects


  • The student develops an idea for a project, and discusses this idea with their supervisor. With the supervisor's encouragement, the student submits an outline project proposal, and books a place on a project week.
  • The project week affords an opportunity for the student to start work in earnest, to attend teaching sessions and workshops, and to have one-to-one meetings with their supervisor.
  • Six weeks later, the student submits a progress report. If this is approved, they may continue. If not, then they will need to submit a revised report for assessment after the next project week.
  • The student provides their supervisor with further reports on progress as they complete the project and start to work on the dissertation.
  • The student submits their dissertation before the end of their current final term of study.

Project Week will:

  • Structure and expectations
  • Introduce the various kinds of projects that we encourage and discuss with relevant examples.
  • Discuss academic writing in terms of presentation 
  • Provide instruction on gathering material and research artifacts
  • Describe the process of thesis writing and engage students on appropriate chapter construction through examples
  • Describe project assessment with examples

Dissertation submission deadlines

Final TermDissertation Submission DeadlineExam Committee Meeting
Michaelmas Term 2023Friday, 27th October 2023 (12 noon)8th December 2023
Hilary Term 2024
Friday, 2nd February 2024 (12 noon)March 2024 (tba)
Trinity Term 2024Friday, 10th May 2024 (12 noon)July 2024 (tba)
Michaelmas Term 2024Friday, 1st November 2024 (12 noon)December 2024 (tba)
Hilary Term 2025
Friday, 7th February 2025 (12 noon)March 2025 (tba)
Trinity Term 2025Friday, 9th May 2025 (12 noon)July 2025 (tba)

Hilary Term runs January to March. Trinity Term runs April to September. Michaelmas Term runs October to December.

Course dates

1st July 2024Oxford University Department of Computer Science - Held in the Department 0 places remaining.
7th October 2024Oxford University Department of Computer Science - COURSE HELD ONLINE 0 places remaining.
13th January 2025Oxford University Department of Computer Science - COURSE HELD ONLINE17 places remaining.
31st March 2025Oxford University Department of Computer Science - COURSE HELD ONLINE17 places remaining.
30th June 2025Oxford University Department of Computer Science - HELD IN THE DEPARTMENT - NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE17 places remaining.