Standa Zivny

Standa Živný

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Tutorial Fellow at Jesus College
Royal Society University Research Fellow
University of Oxford

Email: standa • zivny @ cs • ox • ac • uk
Phone: +44 (0)1865 610724


I am interested in algorithms and computational complexity. In particular, in constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) in its many forms (e.g., decision, counting, optimisation, promise).

All my publications are available online.

I am grateful to the ERC for their support via the starting grant Power of Algorithms in Discrete Optimisation.

I have funding for strong PhD students and post-docs interested in working in algorithms and complexity. (Also, for Oxford undergraduates.) Get in touch if you are interested.


Journal Editorial
Constraints, Editorial Board Member (since 2019).
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A (PTA), Editorial Board Member (since 2019).
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics (SIDMA), Associate Editor (since 2017).

Conferences Programme Committees
MFCS'20, IJCAI-PRICAI'20, STACS'20, AAAI'20, ISAAC'19, ESA'19, IJCAI'19, IJCAI-ECAI'18, MFCS'18, ICALP(A)'18, AAAI'18, AAAI'17, CP'17, CP'16, IJCAI'15, CP'14, CP'13, DPCP'13, IJCAI'13, AAAI'12, CP'12, DPCP'12 (co-chair), SOFSEM'12, AAAI'11, CP'11, DPCP'11, IJCAI'11, AAAI'10, CP'10, DPCP'10 (co-chair), DPCP'09.

Workshop Organiser
Dagstuhl Seminar 18231 The Constraint Satisfaction Problem: Complexity and Approximability, 2018 (with M. Grohe, V. Guruswami, and D. Marx).

London Mathematical Society (LMS) Computer Science Committee (since 2019).
EurAI PhD Dissertation Award, Panel Member (2019).
EPSRC Peer Review College, Member (since 2018).
ACP Doctoral Research Award, Panel Member (2018).
Royal Society International Exchanges Committee, Panel Member (since 2015).


BSc and MSc Students
Eden Pelleg, since 2020.
Costin Oncescu, since 2020.
Yunus Ayidin, since 2019.
David Klambauer, 2018-2019.
Silvia Butti, 2017-2018.
Gregor Matl, 2017-2018.
Ragnar Groot Koerkamp, 2016-2017.
Andrius Vaicenavičius, 2013-2014 (with P. Jeavons).

PhD Students
Thomas Orton, since 2019 (with V. Kanade and R. Santhanam).
Alexandre Brandts-Longtin, since 2018.
Jacob Focke, 2016-2020 (with L. Goldberg).
Peter Fulla, 2014-2018.
Andrius Vaicenavičius, 2014-2017 (with P. Jeavons and C. McDiarmid; transferred to puruse a PhD in AI).

Caterina Viola, since 2020.
Balázs Mezei, since 2020.
Marcin Wrochna, since 2018.
Miguel Romero, 2017-2019.
Clément Carbonnel, 2017-2018.


Probability and Computing.
Mathematics for Computer Scientists.
Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction Problems.
Complexity of and Algorithms for Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problems.

Probability and Computing.
Computational Complexity.
Automata and Formal Languages.
Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms.
Theory of Data and Knowledge Bases.
Randomised Algorithms.
Data Structures and Algorithms.
Functional Programming.
Introduction to Programming.

Models of Computation.
Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
Algorithms and Data Structures.
Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms.
Linear Algebra.
Logic and Proof.
Discrete Mathematics.
Continuous Mathematics.
Functional programming.
Imperative Programming 1.
Imperative Programming 2.
Introduction to Formal Proof.
Object Oriented Programming.
Digital Systems.


My first name is Stanislav but I go by Standa /'stʌn.da/, which is a commonly used Czech variant of Stanislav.

My last name Živný /'ʒ has two diacritics called the caron and the acute accent respectively; this can be achieved in LaTeX by \v{Z}ivn\'{y}.