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Computational Biology Group

The Computational Biology Group, led by Professor David Gavaghan, is an interdisciplinary group based within the Department of Computer Science. The group engages in theoretical and applied, interdisciplinary and practise-based research at the interface between computer science and the biomedical sciences, focussing on applying computer science and mathematical techniques to clinically and biologically pressing problems. Key applications include physiological modelling (heart, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems, soft tissue mechanics and cancer), biological image and signal analysis, and systems biology. Work is almost entirely done jointly with domain specialists in life sciences and clinical departments. The Computational Biology Group also plays a key role in interdisciplinary initiatives across the University, including the Life Sciences Interface and Systems Biology DTCs which are led by Professor Gavaghan and the BBSRC/EPSRC-funded Centre for Integrative Systems Biology.


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Past Members

Personal photo - Miguel Bernabeu
Miguel Bernabeu
Personal photo - Martin Bishop
Martin Bishop
Personal photo - Valentina Carapella
Valentina Carapella
Dan Chen
Personal photo - Tom Doel
Tom Doel
(Research Associate, University College London)
Personal photo - Sara Dutta
Sara Dutta
Personal photo - Mandeep Gill
Mandeep Gill
Personal photo - Kathryn Gillow
Kathryn Gillow
Personal photo - Ayush Goyal
Ayush Goyal
Jack Lee
Personal photo - Katie Leonard
Katie Leonard
Personal photo - Tahir Mansoori
Tahir Mansoori
Personal photo - Steve McKeever
Steve McKeever
Personal photo - Steven Niederer
Steven Niederer
Personal photo - James Osborne
James Osborne
Personal photo - Pras Pathmanathan
Pras Pathmanathan
Personal photo - Michal Plotkowiak
Michal Plotkowiak
Personal photo - T Alexander Quinn
T Alexander Quinn
Personal photo - Margarita Satraki
Margarita Satraki
James Southern
Gareth Stevenson
Kirsten Yost

Selected Publications

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Cellular cardiac electrophysiology modelling with Chaste and CellML

Jonathan Cooper‚ Raymond Spiteri and Gary Mirams

In Frontiers in Physiology. Vol. 5. Pages 511. January, 2015.

Optimising cell aggregate expansion in a perfused hollow fibre bioreactor via mathematical modelling

L.A.C. Chapman‚ R.J. Shipley‚ J.P. Whiteley‚ M.J. Ellis‚ H.M. Byrne and S.L. Waters

In PLoS ONE. Vol. 9. Pages e105813. 2014.

Homogenization via formal multiscale asymptotics and volume averaging: How do the two techniques compare?

Yohan Davit‚ Christopher G. Bell‚ Helen M. Byrne‚ Lloyd A. C. Chapman‚ Laura S. Kimpton‚ Georgina E. Lang‚ Katherine H. L. Leonard‚ James M. Oliver‚ Natalie C. Pearson‚ Rebecca J. Shipley‚ Sarah L. Waters‚ Jonathan P. Whiteley‚ Brian D. Wood and Michel Quintard

In Advances in Water Resources. Vol. 62. Pages 178–206. December, 2013.