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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is concerned with getting computers to perform tasks that currently are only feasible for humans. Within AI, Machine Learning aims to build computers that can learn how to make decisions or carry out tasks without being explicitly told how to do so. We have research strengths across a wide spectrum of AI and ML techniques. In ML, we develop fundamental ML techniques such as reinforcement learning and deep learning and build applications of these techniques in linguistics, robotics and information retrieval. Our researchers in knowledge representation develop techniques that allow us to capture knowledge about our world in a form that computers can process and reason about. In the multi-agent systems domain, we develop techniques that will enable computers to autonomously collaborate on complex problems. We work with industrial partners such as DeepMind to develop the applications of our work, and the theme has spawned a number of spinoff companies, including Dark Blue Labs (, Morpheus Labs (, and Oxonomy (

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