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Oxford 1+1 Programme
(Computer Science)

This MSc is part of the Oxford 1+1 Programme which enables exceptional and motivated students to combine their MSc in Computer Science with the Oxford MBA. The MSc will provide you with depth in Computer Science which you will apply to your enhanced management skills. There is growing evidence that this "depth + breadth" is what the world needs, and what employers seek.

A unique, two-year postgraduate experience that combines the depth of a one-year Masters degree with the breadth of a top-ranking, one-year MBA.

Through the 1+1 programme, Said Business School has partnered with nine University of Oxford departments to link a diverse selection of MSc programmes to our MBA. As a result, graduates embark from Oxford armed with the skills to translate specific domain knowledge into practical and innovative outcomes.

How to apply

Successful candidates for the Oxford 1+1 Programme will need to meet the admissions requirements for both courses and be admitted separately to both courses. You must make two separate applications, one to the Computer Science Deparment, and also the Said Business School.

For further information on the MBA Programme and how to apply please see here. For further information regarding the MSc in Computer Science course, please see here.

The Pershing Square Foundation is offering 5 Scholarhsips for the 1+1. For more information and to apply, please visit here.

Once your application has been submitted for the 1+1 programme, please email: Also state in your personal statement that you are applying for the 1+1.

The following colleges will be accepting students for the 1+1 programme:

  • Balliol
  • Green Templeton
  • Kellogg
  • Linacre
  • Pembroke
  • St Cross
  • St Hilda's
  • St Hugh's