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Events for prospective students and schools groups

We hold a range of events throughout the year for prospective students, and for schools groups. Details can be found below. Those for which bookings are open are indicated in the contents list at the top of the page.

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 Open Days (for prospective students and their families)

Audio Podcast - Open Days Audio Podcast - Open Days Open days are held at the Department to provide prospective students (and their families/teachers) with an opportunity to meet current staff and students, to find out about the courses and the research work of the Department, to attend sample lectures and to get answers to any questions you have. The talks in the department are written with students in mind, but are also suitable for parents and teachers. In the event, though, of the lecture rooms becoming overfull priority will be given to prospective students. We do ask that as our joint open day with the Maths Institute in April/May is often oversubscribed, that attending students do not bring more than 2 guests along.

A map and directions to the Department of Computer Science is available. We strongly recommended that you use public transport, if at all possible. If you do travel by car, please note that parking in the city centre is very limited. There are several Park & Ride bus services which run from car parks on the outskirts of Oxford. We strongly recommend that you do not use Thornhill and Seacourt Park and Ride car parks as these are often full very early in the morning, especially on open days. Please refer to the University's travel advice and parking on open days guide (which includes details of rail ticket discounts available.)

For any queries, please email

University-wide Open Days in July and September

The annual open days in July (sometimes late June) and September form part of the university-wide open days. Individuals and family groups do not need to book to visit the Computer Science Department for the open days in July or September.

Many colleges also have open days that coincide with the July and September dates, so you may like to co-ordinate a visit to the Department with a visit to a college. Or maybe even book in for lunch, or overnight accommodation at one of them.

Some colleges will also hold "meet the tutor" sessions over the lunch-time periods on these days. (Some are drop-in sessions, others more formal talks.) There is no need to book to visit the Department of Computer Science during the June/July or September open days. Booking is however required for some of the college-led sessions. Our priority is to allow prospective students to take part in the open day. So, we only normally accept one guest with each prospective student into the sessions. Where space allows other guests are welcome to join you.

Not sure where to start when it comes to colleges? See our guidance pages choosing a college, plus the list of colleges who regularly admit Computer Science students.

The joint open day with the Maths Institute

Women in Computer Science Day Students from Queen Elizabeth School (Kirkby)
at a Women in Computer Science day

The open day in May (sometimes April) is not a university-wide open day. It is just the Computer Science and Maths Institute that open, and bookings for this open day are essential.

You can:

  • attend Maths sessions in the morning and Computer Science ones in the afternoon (Pick this option if you want to apply for a Maths & Computer Science degree). A draft programme for both the Maths and Computer Science parts of the day are available. Event full: booking is now closed and the waiting list full.
  • spend the whole day with Computer Science (Pick this option if you want to apply for a Computer Science or Computer Science & Philosophy degree). A draft programme is available. Event full: booking is now closed and the waiting list is full.
  • spend the whole day with the Maths Institute (Pick this option if you want to apply for a Maths, or Maths & Philosophy degree). A draft programme is available. Booking and more information can be found here.
In each case, please indicate on the registration form whether your parent(s)/ guest(s) wish to join the afternoon parents' stream. A buffet lunch will be provided with opportunities to talk to current students and tutors. Please indicate your dietary requirements on the booking form.

Please note that the Colleges are not normally open during this event, although we hope that there will be an opportunity to visit a College after the formal programme finishes. We will contact those who have booked onto the event, with details nearer the time. In previous years College tours have been available between about 3:30 and 5:30pm.

2017 Open Day Dates

Dates for the 2017 open days for prospective undergraduates are as follows:

  • Saturday 22 April 2017 (booking is essential. See booking options above.)
  • Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th June 2017.
  • Friday 15th September 2017.

The Mathematics Institute has an additional open day on Saturday 29 April 2017, and the Department of Computer Science will be sending a speaker to this event. This is however no substitute to attending the department on one of its own open days. Information on the programme and how to book for this event are available.

During your visit to Oxford you may see organisations handing out leaflets in the street, claiming to offer advice on the application process. Please be warned that these businesses are not affiliated with the University of Oxford, and they may charge for their services. We encourage you to take advantage of the many free opportunities the University is offering to find out more.

 Computer Science Taster Days

We run a variety of Taster Days throughout the year. Our regular events are detailed below. These are one day events, designed to introduce young people to Computer Science. These are open to both school groups, and individuals (plus parents), but we do normally ask that your school books your place for you, even if a teacher is not accompanying the interested student(s.) (Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/teacher/guardian.) Sign up to our mailing list to receive an alert about these, and other Computer Science-related events we offer, as new dates are added, and bookings open.

The Oxford Robot Games
(Teams of Year 9&10 pupils from selected UK state schools)

Date of next event: TBC.

Design and build a robot, then pitch it against the Oxford University machines at the Oxford RobotGames. Open to school teams of exactly five Year 9 and 10 pupils and their teacher/parent. This one-day event involves an introduction to the science behind robots, followed by a practical session designing and building a wheeled robot using Lego Mindstorms, under the guidance of Oxford University staff and students. Teams then pit their robot against the Oxford University machines, and those of other schools, in races. The day is rounded off with a tour of an Oxford College. Places on these events are extremely limited. Open to on-selective UK state schools with little history of student progression to Oxford.

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Women in Computer Science Day
(Year 10 (& 11 if available), women from UK schools)

Date of next event: Tuesday 13 June 2017

The day is designed to raise awareness of what Computer Science is at university level, to meet women (and men) who work in the Computer Science field and find out how they're changing the world. Find out what computer science really is: it's not just ICT and it certainly isn't just for boys and geeks. There will be a visit to a college and the chance to meet some current researchers. Students attending should have a flair for Maths.

For more information, and bookings, please visit

Computing at School Conference

(Year 11 students from UK schools)

Date of next event: Annual event, normally held in winter

Robot Games Robot Games. More photos on our Flickr stream

Held in conjunction with the Computing at School Group (part of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.) The day combines lectures, demonstrations and a practical hands-on session. Speakers will include University lecturers from Oxford and beyond. The day is aimed at Year 11 Maths and Computing and ICT students and their teachers.

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Further Maths - What Next?
(Year 12 from UK schools)

Date of next event: 6 July 2017 (OPEN FOR BOOKINGS)

Doing Further Maths A-level, but not sure what you want to do at University? Talented at Maths, but not sure you want to do something that abstract at Uni? Want to know a bit more about Maths related degree subjects that don't appear on the school curriculum? The day draws together subject areas from across the University who are looking for prospective students with a real aptitude for Maths. Attendees will attend short talks on a wide range subjects. This event is open to very high-achieving Year 12 students from UK schools who are taking Further Maths A-level. Students also taking Physics or Chemistry will particularly benefit from this event. If a student already knows which subject they wish to apply for at university this is not the event for them. Students who are about to finish Year 11 and go into Year 12 to take Maths and Further Maths A-levels may also join the July 2017 event.

Further information:

Lesser-Spotted Sciences Day
(Year 11s & 12s from UK schools)

Date of next event: Autumn 2017

Love science but not sure what you want to do at Uni? Talented at Maths, but want something less abstract? Thinking about or already doing Maths & sciences at A Level, but not sure where it could take you? Want to know a bit more about science degree subjects that don't often appear on the school curriculum? Heard of Earth Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science or Materials, but not really sure what they are? What about Bio-Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences? We are delighted to welcome year 11 students (final year of GCSE) and year 12 (lower sixth) to the "Lesser-Spotted Science Day". The day draws together science subjects from Oxford's Maths Physical and Life Sciences Division, and beyond, that aren't commonly taught in schools. During the day, participants will attend sample lectures, learn about the Oxford application process and visit an Oxford college. This event is open to high-achieving Year 11 & 12 students from UK schools who are thinking about, or already taking A-levels (or equivalent) in BOTH Maths, and science subjects. (This event will initially only be open to UK state schools. It will be opened up to all UK schools if space allows.)

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Philosophy Plus Science Taster Day
(Year 11 & 12s from UK schools)

Date of next event: 2018. This annual event is normally held in January.

What is chaos? What is infinity? Can machines think? The links between Science and Philosophy are broad and deep, extending well beyond the obvious overlaps in logic, artificial intelligence, and ethics. Some of the greatest philosophers of the past - from Aristotle to Newton - are now known as scientists. Sir Isaac Newton's first book, Mathematical principles of Natural Philosophy, outlines this everlasting relationship between science and philosophy which can still be seen today.

This taster day provides an opportunity to find out more about how science and philosophy intertwine. More specifically, how Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics all have one thing in common, Philosophy. The day will consist of lectures and college tours, as well as advice on the Oxford application process. Speakers will include University of Oxford lecturers and there'll be the chance to meet current Oxford students.

This event is ideal for those interested in learning more about the Oxford undergraduate degrees in either Maths and Philosophy, Physics and Philosophy or Computer Science and Philosophy, and who are considering applying for an Autumn 2017 (or later) start. It is also aimed at those with a passion for Mathematics, but who are undecided about what to study at university; and those who already have an interest in any of the subjects mentioned, and would like to find out more. Open to high-performing students in years 11-12 at UK schools. Students should be taking (or planning on taking) A Level Maths or equivalent, and Further Maths is highly recommended.

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Looking Forward
(Year 10 women from UK state schools)

(Provisional) Date of next event: 6 June 2017(Health)
7 June 2017 (Technology)
8 June 2017 (Environment)

Bookings Open: 6 weeks before the event (Provisional)

The days will be themed Health, Technology & Environment. Students will have the opportunity to enrich their studies of science and maths by exploring different themes within these subject areas and learning more about related degrees at university and current research in these fields.

Each day will combine two longer lectures, two plenary sessions from guest speakers, plus the chance to take part in two science workshops. Below are some examples of the types of workshop sessions that students might experience:

  • Healing pictures: medical imaging (Health)
  • The mathematics of diseases: an introduction to SIR (Health)
  • Superconductors and quantum computers (Technology)
  • Mobile robotics (Technology)
  • Energy storage (Environment)
  • Introducing fusion (Environment)

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(Year 7s from UK state schools schools)

Date of next event: 2018. TBC.

InspireHer! In partnership with Google, University of Oxford's Department of Computer Science is hosting an exciting event with plenty of hands on activities and coding challenges for mothers and their daughters. This event is open to mother and daughter teams from the Oxfordshire area. Daughters need to be in Year 7 (age 11-12).

More info: If you have any questions, please email

 Other Events for Young People & Schools Groups

Sutton Trust Summer School
(Year 12s (or equivalent) at UK state schools.

Date of next event: Summer 2018

The increase in digitally available data over the last decade has created a need for analytically able professionals who can handle and make sense of large sets of data. Mathematicians, Statisticians, Scientists and Computer Scientists are in ever-growing demand for their knowledge and skills, and can work in a wide and interesting range of areas, including technology, health, genetics, social science, the civil service and transport as well as the more traditional routes of insurance and finance.

This week will offer you the opportunity to work with large datasets, allowing you to analyse data and produce results that can be used to better understand our world. You will explore some of the lesser-known areas of Statistics, Mathematics, Earth Sciences and Computer Science and the ways that they can be applied to many different fields.

The week will include multiple interactive workshops given by members of the departments and information on the Oxford admissions process.

Further information can be found here. Bookings are closed

UNIQ Summer School - Computer Science
(Year 12s, at UK State Schools. Annual event.)

Date of next event: 23 July - 28 July 2017

Bookings now closed.

Robot Games Robot Games. More photos on our
 Flickr stream
The programme is open to students in UK state schools and colleges, with 850 places available this year. Almost every Oxford undergraduate course is now represented on the UNIQ programme with students able to explore Oxford city, the University and colleges as well as find out more about their chosen course.

UNIQ is a FREE summer school at Oxford University. UNIQ is open to Year 12 (or equivalent) students studying at UK state schools/colleges. Students apply for a specific course that aims to give them a realistic view of Oxford student life. One of these courses is in Computer Science. UNIQ participants live in an Oxford college for one week in July. They attend lectures and seminars in their chosen subject, and workshops about applying to Oxford. Participants can also take part in a variety of social activities each evening. And when we say the summer school is free, we really mean it: we cover the cost of transport from your nearest town, your food and accommodation, social activities and the academic sessions. Applicants for the Computer Science summer school must be taking A Level Maths (and preferably Maths) or equivalent. Preference is given to applicants who come from schools and areas with little or no history of successful application to Oxford. Therefore, an unsuccessful application to the UNIQ Summer School does not necessarily reflect on an applicant's likelihood of being successful in an application for undergraduate study at the University of Oxford.

Further information

Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences
(Years 12 - 13).

Date of next event: March 2017

These conferences are designed to provide up-to-date information on the application and admissions procedure at both institutions, across all subject areas, as well as providing an insight into student life. The events are aimed at students who have already completed their GCSE/Standard Grade (or Intermediate 2) examinations and are now undertaking further study. The conferences will cover: Courses available at Oxford and Cambridge; Applying to Oxford and Cambridge; Student life; Student finance and careers; Interviews. Admissions tutors, academic staff and current undergraduates from both universities will also be on hand to answer students' questions. Admission is by ticket only. Further information the Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences webpages.

Oxford Pathways Programme
(Years 10 - 13, selected UK state schools).

Date of next event: various dates throughout the year

For full details, please visit the pathways website

The Department of Computer Science contributes to the Pathways Programme, an initiative coordinated by the Colleges of the University of Oxford, with support from the Sutton Trust. The programme aims to provide information, advice and guidance on higher education and Oxford to academically able students, and staff members, in non-selective state schools with little history of student progression to Oxford. All of our events are run in Oxford, and are free to attend. The programme works with specifically targeted state schools across the UK, from years 10 to 13. On the whole these are schools without sixth forms, or schools with little, if any, history of sending students to Oxford. Further information on the Pathways Programme webpages.

 Non-Computer Science Specific Events

Problem Solving MATters
(Year 12)

Date of next event: June - July.

Further information can be found here.

Are you studying at a state-funded school/academy/college and interested in applying to the University of Oxford or Imperial College for a maths degree? A new course running in 2016 aims to develop problem solving skills in students planning to sit the Maths Admissions Test. The course consists of three face-to-face study days in either Oxford or Imperial College, three summer assignments (marked by a student mentor), and five online follow-up sessions.

The course costs £50 and students will be expected to make their own travel arrangements. However, we do have funding available to cover the course and travel costs for students who need this.

Other Maths and Science Events

For other Maths and Scence Events, please click here

Outreach Across the University

For more information about outreach events across other subjects and areas within the university, please visit the Outreach events webpage, found here.

 Ad hoc events

Schools and youth groups

Working with primary schools Students at North Hinksey C of E Primary School
taking part in a Computer Science workshop
If you want to bring a group of students to Oxford for a day, for example, to find out more about Oxford University (in a non-subject specific way), or introduce your students to higher education in general, or are looking for personal statement and interview workshops, please contact your link college. To ensure it is as easy as possible for schools and colleges to engage with the University, each Oxford College is now linked with a number of Local Authorities across the UK. You can find your link college here. If you would like to have a Computer Science academic session as part of your visit please let the college know this when you contact them. It doesn't matter if your link college doesn't offer Computer Science as a degree subject: we routinely work will colleges from across the University, offering short academic taster sessions as part of their events.

If the events on this page don't suit your school or youth group's needs, but you're interested in taking part in some kind of Computer Science-focussed taster event, please get in touch: Please include the likely size of your group, and what age group the students are, plus any dates you have in mind.

Prospective undergraduate students

If you are unable to come to one of the open days, but you are visiting Oxford on another occasion, please do get in touch with us and we'll try to arrange a visit to the Department for you. Please email It is helpful if you can include possible dates (and any time constraints). If you already know which course you wish to apply for, and/or at which college, please mention this. It is also helpful if you can tell us which A Levels (or equivalent) you are taking, which year you are in, and if you are bringing a family member(s) with you when you visit.

Want to talk to someone?

Enquiries regarding admissions should be sent to Our Publicity and Schools Liaison team can be contacted by e-mail at