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Funding Opportunities

Oxford University Computing Laboratory offers full and partial scholarships for D.Phil. (Oxford's PhD) study. This includes a number of fully funded studentships resulting from a generous donation from Google, EPSRC DTA Studentships, Clarendon scholarships and departmental awards. In addition, an extensive range of scholarships are available at Oxford, for example Commonwealth, KC Wong China Oxford, Scatcherd European and Rhodes (nationality and course restrictions apply).

Full information on scholarships available for study at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory is available here; see also the University's graduate scholarships page and funding search page.

ISG Studentships

ISG is occasionally able to offer its own studentships, usually associated with a funded research project. When available such studentships are listed here and on the Computing Laboratory studenships page.

There are currently no ISG-administered studentships available. See above for other funding opportunities.