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Yuhang Song Awarded JP Morgan PhD Fellowship


Yuhang Song is one of 6 students worldwide (and the only one based at a UK University) to be recognised with a JP Morgan PhD Fellowship. Yuhang is a fourth-year DPhil student in Computer Science & Nuffield Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Oxford, working with Prof. Thomas Lukasiewicz and Prof. Rafal Bogacz at Intelligent Systems group and Models of Brain Decision Networks group.

Yuhang’s research focuses on deciphering and extracting the learning principles of biological neural systems, so as to reverse-engineer them as algorithms or even specialized hardware. Such a route of research would, on the one hand, bring us one step closer to true artificial intelligence that facilitates our daily life, and, on the other hand, improve our understanding of the most sophisticated part of our body, the brain, so that diseases related to learning, and broadly, to neural systems, can be better understood and treated.

The J.P. Morgan AI Research Awards empower the best research thinkers across AI today – helping them to achieve their goals tomorrow.

Manuela Veloso, PhD, Head of AI Research, JPMorgan Chase & Co. comments, ‘Our goal is to recognise and enable the next generation of leading AI researchers. We want to create an environment where researchers can inspire change and make a lasting impact in our communities and across our industry.’