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Livia Predoiu joins the department on a Marie Curie Fellowship


We welcome Livia Predoiu to the Department of Computer Science, who has just joined the Information Systems group on a prestigious 2-years Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship to carry out research on probabilistic data and information Integration with provenance management (PRODIMA).

The PRODIMA project investigates provenance-based probabilistic information integration in the Semantic Web. A notion of uncertain provenance will be defined and investigated for usage in probabilistic information integration frameworks suitable in the Semantic Web context. Properties of this notion of uncertain provenance will be formally and logically investigated. Furthermore, it is aimed to develop scalable reasoning algorithms for collecting, storing, and querying provenance information, in order to accelerate the computation of probabilities, but also in order to facilitate provenance-based mapping debugging. By this means, it will be possible to combine reasoning, mapping debugging, and provenance management through scalable algorithms.