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Ohad Kammar

Office 331
Department of Computer Science
University of Oxford
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Tel: +44 (0)1865 (2) 73618
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Career Development Fellow
Balliol College
University of Oxford
Broad Street
Oxford OX1 3BJ

To schedule an appointment, consult my calendar.

Current projects

I currently hold a Career Development Felowship in polymorphic effects at Balliol College Oxford.

I am also currently working with Sam Staton on quantum computation as a programming language thanks to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Royal Society.

I am also currently working with Tom Melham, Sam Staton, Marcin Szymczak, Helen Margetts, and Scott Hale on probabilistic programming in the social sciences thanks to the Alan Turing Institute.

I am also involved with Ehud Lamm’s Conceptual Biology Lab.

Future project

In January 2019 I will move to the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics thanks to a Royal Society University Research Fellowship.

Research interests

  • Applied mathematics
    • Category theory
    • Logic
    • Ordinal notation systems
    • Universal algebra
  • Programming language theory
    • Semantics, in particular denotational semantics
    • Expressivity
    • Polymorphism
      • Value restriction
    • Computational effects
      • Effect type systems
      • Effect handlers
      • Delimited control
      • Monadic reflection
    • Domain theory
      • Axiomatisation
      • Probabilistic powerdomains
      • Jung-Tix problem
    • Probabilistic programming
      • Semantics
      • Structuring generative models
      • Variational inference and kernel methods
    • Concurrency
      • Event structures
      • Relaxed behaviour
    • Access control
    • Staging and metaprogramming
      • Partially-static data structures
  • Conceptual biology
    • Coevolution
    • Drift
    • The Baldwin effect

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