I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science in Oxford University. I am currently working under the supervision of Professor Thomas Lukasiewicz in the Information Systems Group. I obtained my PhD in Computer Science in June 2011 from the University of Maryland College Park under the supervision of Professor V.S. Subrahmanian. In 2005, I completed the Licenciatura in Computer Science program at Universidad Nacional del Sur (Bahia Blanca, Argentina) and later obtained my MS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland College Park.

My research interests include reasoning under uncertainty, inconsistency management in relational databases and knowledge bases, defeasible reasoning, and argumentation. My current research focuses on the development of a family of inconsistency and uncertainty tolerant data models for knowledge bases extracted from the Web, along with scalable query answering algorithms, which may serve as the backbone for next-generation technologies for semantic search and query answering on the Web.