Lecturer Varun Kanade
Hours Monday-Friday : 10h30-12h30
Location Lecture Room 7, Information Engineering Building

Note 1. There will be parts of the chapters suggested as reading that you struggle with or may seem not directly related to what we covered in the lecture. I suggest you skip these sections and then only return to them once you've understood the material covered in the lecture and want to increase your understanding further.

Lecture Schedule

Date Topic Handouts Reading

06/11/2017 Introduction to Machine Learning
Dimensionality Reduction
Chap. 1
Chap. 12.2-3
Chap. 1 of this book for SVD

07/11/2017 Kernel PCA
Chap. 14.4.4
Chap., 25.3-5

08/11/2017 Spectral Clustering
Multi-armed Bandits I
Chap. 25.3-5
(Sli) Chap. 2

09/11/2017 Multi-armed Bandits II
(Sli) Chap. 3, 4

10/11/2017 Experts and Adversarial Bandits
(Sli) Chap. 6, 7