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GIMI: Generic Infrastructure for Medical Informatics

1st May 2006 to 30th April 2009
GIMI (Generic Infrastructure for Medical Informatics) is funded through the DTI's Technology Programme. The main aim of the project is to develop a generic, dependable middleware layer capable of: (in the short term) supporting data sharing across disparate sources to facilitate healthcare research, delivery, and training; (in the medium term) facilitating data access via dynamic, fine-grained access control mechanisms; and (in the longer-term) interfacing with technological solutions deployed within the National Health Service. The aim of the project give rise to two distinct, but complementary, technologies:sif (service-oriented interoperability framework), and evolving, fine-grained access control. The first is aimed at researchers, application developers and domain specialists; the second is aimed at data owners; together, they give rise to a three-tiered system. The development of the underlying technology is being driven by the needs of three applications: the self-management of patients with long-term conditions; an auditing and training package for breast radiologists; and image analysis algorithms for cancer care.

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Principal Investigator


David Power
Douglas Russell
Mark Slaymaker

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