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ULICE: Union of Light-Ion Centres in Europe

1st January 2009 to 31st December 2011

ULICE is a 4-year project set up by 20 leading European research organisations, including 2 leading European industrial partners (Siemens and IBA), to respond to the need for greater access to hadron-therapy facilities for particle therapy research. Project coordinator is the Italian Research Infrastructure Facility CNAO (Milan).

Both existing European Hadron Research Facilities in Heidelberg and Milan are partners and they will provide 691 hours of beam-time (146 users, 58 projects) to external researchers. Future facilities like MedAustron, Etoile and Archade also participate in ULICE, which will result in a strong integrated network.

Full exploitation of all different resources, unrestricted spread of information and the improvement of existing and upcoming facilities are provided by using grid-based data sharing.

Principal Investigator


SteveĀ Harris
(James Martin Research Fellow)

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