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International collaboration in data standards & software engineering for cancer bioinformatics

9th May 2005 to 8th May 2008
It would be better if every cancer researcher in the world collected data in the same way. This would make it easier for the researchers to work together, and help each other to discover new treatments. Not only could they share data, but they could also share the tools that they are developing to collect and analyse this data. The CancerGrid project is a partnership between five universities in the UK. In the United States, many more universities and cancer centres are working together to solve similar problems, as part of the caBIG project. In particular, they are also looking for standard ways in which to collect, store, and analyse clinical trials data. This project is about collaboration between researchers in CancerGrid and caBIG, enabling them to meet and learn from each other's experiences, and to work together on the development of software tools.

Principal Investigator

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