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Models and technologies for assured, context-sensitive access control

1st January 2007 to 31st December 2012
As increasing amounts of data is collected about individuals, and, as the uses of such data become evermore imaginative, clear drivers are emerging both for novel models of authorisation that go 'beyond the norm' and for the provision of assurance that, when data is accessed, it is done so appropriately.  In this project we are concerned with the development of a model of authorisation that enables policies to evolve on the basis of changes within the environment in which the system is deployed.  The approach, termed evolving access control, has been developed initially with the needs of healthcare applications in mind, but it is applicable in many other contexts.  The origins of the work reside within the GIMI project.


David Power
Douglas Russell
Clint Sieunarine
Mark Slaymaker

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