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We thank those who have suggested improvements, additions or corrections, including Constantine Bekas, Shreemayee Bora, Albrecht Böttcher, Howard Elman, Eduardo Gallestey, Joe Grcar, Nick Higham, Michael Overton, Anne and Jacob Trefethen, and Bruno Welfert. We especially thank Tom Wright for many helpful suggestions and for developing EigTool, the software behind a number of the figures on this website. We also appreciate techical support from Malcolm Harper and Craig Tranfield.

Most of the computations and all of the plots shown on this site were computed using MATLAB®. MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks.

Other Online Resources

You might enjoy the Spectral Portrait web site at CERFACS, as well as the pseudospectra pages maintained by E. Kokiopoulou and Constantine Bekas at the University of Patras.

Further links to software for computing pseudospectra are given on the Software page of this web site.

Oxford Eigenvalue Project

The Oxford Eigenvalue Project is supported by UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Grant GR/M12414. Principal Investigator: Lloyd N. Trefethen.

Goals of the Project include:
  • development of the theoretical foundations of pseudospectra

  • application of pseudospectra to random matrix problems

  • improvements to algorithms and software for computation of pseudospectra

  • education


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