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2020 Science

2020 Science is a collaborative research programme based at the University of Oxford, University College London, and Microsoft Research, Cambridge.  The programme is focused on fostering the creation of a new generation of future scientific leaders – new kinds of scientists with the ability to lead the way in tackling fundamental challenges in science in areas of societal importance.  At the heart of the programme is the development and application of novel computational approaches, methods and tools to address some fundamental problems in natural science, and the scientific computing, scientific software development and software engineering that underpin the development of predictive models of complex, multi-scale biological systems.

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Selected Publications

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Ten simple rules for effective computational research

Osborne J.M. Bernabeu M.O. Bruna M. Calderhead B. Cooper J. Dalchau N. Dunn S−J. Fletcher A.G. Freeman R. Groen D. Knapp B. McInerny G.J. Mirams G.R. Pitt−Francis J. Sengupta B. Wright D.W. Yates C.A. Gavaghan D.J. Emmott S. and C. Deane

In PLoS Computational Biology. Vol. 10. No. 3. Pages e1003506. 2014.

Chaste: an open source C++ library for computational physiology and biology

G.R. Mirams‚ C.J. Arthurs‚ M.O. Bernabeu‚ R. Bordas‚ J. Cooper‚ A. Corrias‚ Y. Davit‚ S−J. Dunn‚ A.G. Fletcher‚ D.G. Harvey‚ M.E. Marsh‚ J. M. Osborne‚ P. Pathmanathan‚ J. Pitt−Francis‚ J. Southern‚ N. Zemzemi and D.J. Gavaghan

In PLoS Computational Biology. Vol. 9. No. 3. Pages e1002970. 2013.


Principal Investigator


Personal photo - James Osborne
James Osborne
Personal photo - Pras Pathmanathan
Pras Pathmanathan
Joe Pitt-Francis
(Co-director, Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre)