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webinos: Secure WebOS Application Delivery Environment

1st September 2010 to 30th August 2013

webinos is an EU-funded project aiming to deliver a platform for web applications across mobile, PC, home media (TV) and in-car devices.


The webinos project will define and deliver an Open Source Platform and software components for the Future Internet in the form of web runtime extensions, to enable web applications and services to be used and shared consistently and securely over a broad spectrum of converged and connected devices, including mobile, PC, home media (TV) and in-car units.


webinos in a Nutshell: Promoting a “single service for every device” vision, webinos will move the existing baseline of web development from installed applications to services, running consistently across a wide range of connected devices, ensuring that the technologies for describing, negotiating, securing, utilizing device functionalities and adapting to context are fit for purpose.

Innovations in contextual description will be broad covering but not limited to device capabilities, network access, user identity and preferences, location, behaviourally induced properties and finally the more complex issue of the users’ social network context and social media engagement.

webinos will boost the industry migration towards web-based services. webinos can back this by providing inter-operable, standardised, open source technology utilizable across domains with direct commercially exploitable value. webinos will also act as an industry catalyst to encourage collaboration and discourage fragmentation in this space. There are strong industry moves towards Internet friendly and Internet integrated offerings, and there exists a window of opportunity to place the webinos technology on a robust open foundation that will remove economic barriers to engagement, embody policy on data privacy in concrete technology and creating a centre of web centric expertise.


(webinos was initially known as WAX). 

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Principal Investigator


Shamal Faily
John Lyle

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