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On Ontologology

Perdita Stevens and Jeremy Gibbons


The study of models, and related concepts such as metamodels, is largely situated within the software engineering community under the banner of model-driven development. Yet these concepts have some obvious parallels with concepts developed within the artificial intelligence community under the banners of ontologies and the semantic web. Although a considerable amount of work has been done that aims to relate the development of ontologies to the model-driven development of software, the place of bidirectional transformations within these connected worlds is (almost) unstudied. Yet, experts in the study of ontologies have experienced the need to check and restore consistency, and have developed techniques, terminology and tools that relate to these tasks. In this paper we provide a high-level introduction to the work that has been done, aiming to promote further study and perhaps collaboration between these communities.

Book Title
Sixth International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformations
Romina Eramo and Michael Johnson
Paper 9