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Segmentation is All You Need

Zehua Cheng‚ Yuxiang Wu‚ Zhenghua Xu‚ Thomas Lukasiewicz and Weiyang Wang


Region proposal mechanisms are essential for existing deep learning approaches to object detection in images. Although they can generally achieve a good detection performance under normal circumstances, their recall in a scene with extreme cases is unacceptably low. This is mainly because bounding box annotations contain much environment noise information, and non-maximum suppression (NMS) is required to select target boxes. Therefore, in this paper, we propose the first anchor-free and NMS-free object detection model called weakly supervised multimodal annotation segmentation (WSMA-Seg), which utilizes segmentation models to achieve an accurate and robust object detection without NMS. In WSMA-Seg, multimodal annotations are proposed to achieve an instance-aware segmentation using weakly supervised bounding boxes; we also develop a run-data-based following algorithm to trace contours of objects. In addition, we propose a multi-scale pooling segmentation (MSP-Seg) as the underlying segmentation model of WSMA-Seg to achieve a more accurate segmentation and to enhance the detection accuracy of WSMA-Seg. Experimental results on multiple datasets show that the proposed WSMA-Seg approach outperforms the state-of-the-art detectors.