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Verifying Business Process Compatibility

Peter Wong and Jeremy Gibbons


We describe a process-algebraic approach to verifying process interactions for business collaboration described in Business Process Modelling Notation. We first overview our process semantics for BPMN in the language of Communicating Sequential Processes; we then use a simple example of business collaboration to demonstrate how our semantic model may be used to verify compatibility between business participants in a collaboration.

Book Title
8th International Conference on Quality Software (QSIC)
Earlier versions of this paper were presented at the 2nd European Young Researchers Workshop on Service Oriented Computing‚ Leicester‚ United Kingdom‚ June 2007‚ and 3rd International Workshop on Methods and Tools for Coordinating Concurrent‚ Distributed and Mobile Systems (MTCoord'07)‚ Paphos‚ Cyprus‚ June 2007