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Integrated Formal Methods

Jim Davies and Jeremy Gibbons


The design and analysis of computing systems presents a significant challenge: systems need to be understood at many different levels of abstraction, and examined from many different perspectives. Formal methods—languages, tools, and techniques with a sound, mathematical basis&emdash;can be used to develop a thorough understanding, and to support rigorous examination. Further research into effective integration is required if these methods are to have a significant impact outside academia. The Integrated Formal Methods (IFM) series of conferences seeks to promote that research, to bring together the researchers carrying it out, and to disseminate the results of that research among the wider academic and industrial community. Earlier meetings in the series were held at: York (1999); Dagstuhl (2000); Turku (2002); Kent (2004); Eindhoven (2005). IFM 2007 is the largest to date, with 32 technical papers (from 85 submissions), 3 invited talks, 3 workshops, and a tutorial. The success of the series reflects the enthusiasm and efforts of the IFM community, and the organisers would like to thank the speakers, the committee, and the reviewers for their contributions.

Book Title
Integrated Formal Methods
Jim Davies and Jeremy Gibbons
Lecture Notes in Computer Science