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Unsupervised Classification of Dialogue Acts using a Dirichlet Process Mixture Model

N.T. Crook‚ R. Granell and S Pulman


In recent years Dialogue Acts have become a popular means of modelling the communicative intentions of human and machine utterances in many modern dialogue systems. Many of these systems rely heavily on the availability of dialogue corpora that have been annotated with Dialogue Act labels. The manual annotation of dialogue corpora is both tedious and expensive. Consequently, there is a growing interest in unsupervised systems that are capable of automating the annotation process. This paper investigates the use of a Dirichlet Process Mixture Model as a means of clustering dialogue utterances in an unsupervised manner. These clusters can then be analysed in terms of the possible Dialogue Acts that they might represent. The results presented here are from the application of the Dirichlet Process Mixture Model to the Dihana corpus.

Queen Mary University of London
Book Title
Proceedings of SIGDIAL 2009: the 10th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group in Discourse and Dialogue