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Report on Fourth Workshop on Commercial Users of Functional Programming

Jeremy Gibbons


The goal of the Commercial Users of Functional Programming series of workshops is "to build a community for users of functional programming languages and technology". The fourth workshop in the series took place in Freiburg, Germany on 4th October 2007, colocated as usual with the International Conference on Functional Programming. The workshop is flourishing, having grown from an intimate gathering of 25 people in Snowbird in 2004, through 40 in Tallinn in 2005 and 57 in Portland in 2006, to 104 registered participants (and more than a handful of casual observers) this time. For the first time this year, the organisers had the encouraging dilemma of receiving more offers of presentations than would fit in the available time. The eventual schedule included an invited talk by Xavier Leroy, eleven contributed presentations, and an energetic concluding discussion.