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Deep Learning of Invariant Spatio−Temporal Features from Video

Bo Chen‚ Jo−Anne Ting‚ Ben Marlin and Nando de Freitas


We present a novel hierarchical, distributed model for unsupervised learning of invariant spatio-temporal features from video. Our approach builds on previous deep learning methods and uses the convolutional Restricted Boltzmann machine (CRBM) as a basic processing unit. Our model, called the Space-Time Deep Belief Network (ST-DBN), alternates the aggregation of spatial and temporal information so that higher layers capture longer range statistical dependencies in both space and time. Our experiments show that the ST-DBN has superior performance on discriminative and generative tasks including action recognition and video denoising when compared to convolutional deep belief networks (CDBNs) applied on a per-frame basis. Simultaneously, the ST-DBN has superior feature invariance properties compared to CDBNs and can integrate information from both space and time to fill in missing data in video.

Book Title
NIPS 2010 Deep Learning and Unsupervised Feature Learning Workshop