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3rd European
Trusted Infrastructure
Summer School

ETISS 2008

Research Programme

This year the research programme for the Summer School has three elements:

Research Workshops

A distinctive feature of ETISS has been a programme of research workshops. This year, several different groups are organising these. Most are soliciting informal submissions and presentations.


Masterclasses will offer an opportunity to interact with an experienced researcher. We expect these to be slots of approximately 1.5 hours. Around half of the time should be spent describing some open research issue or problem in trusted computing, and the remainder given over to a facilitated discussion among the students about how the problem might be solved.

Collaborative Research Projects

Space will be allowed in the schedule for discussions around making possible collaborative research project proposals - for the EU or elsewhere. No formal proposals are required at this stage, but you are welcome to inform the organisers if you have potential projects or consortia to discuss.