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3rd European
Trusted Infrastructure
Summer School

ETISS 2008


Most of the following details are fixed and confirmed, but some details may be subject to change.

Sunday 31st Monday 1st Tuesday 2nd Wednesday 3rd Thursday 4th Friday 5th
8.00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8.30 Welcoming and Opening Attestation,

Ahmad Sadeghi, Bochum
Network Security developments,

Paul Congdon
Trusted Storage,

Bob Thibadeau
Master class:

David Grawrock
9.00 Keynote

Paul Congdon, HP ProCurve CTO
9.30 UK Government Keynote
10.00 Introduction to Workshops and Master classes
10.30 Refreshments Refreshments Refreshments Refreshments Refreshments
11.00 Arrival, Check-in,

Lunch (13.00 - 14.00)
TPM deep-dive,

David Grawrock
Trusted Virtualization,

David Plaquin
Trusted Network Connect,

Josef von Helden
Mobile Security and the Mobile Trusted Module,

Chris Mitchell and Eimear Gallery
Wrap-up and Workshop summaries
12.30 Closing Speeches
13.00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14.00 TPM Lab Virtualization Lab Discussion on Collaborative Research Projects (EU) TNC Lab Master class:

UK and German Govts.
Master class:

Graeme Proudler

(The TCG Architecture)
15.00 Trusted Infrastructure and Workshop Introduction

Boris Balacheff
15.30 Refreshments Refreshments Refreshments Refreshments
16.00 Introduction to Trust, TCG, TPM, Virtualization, and other topics.

Various speakers
Workshops 1 & 3 (merged) Workshop 5 Workshops 1 & 3 (merged) Workshop 2 Master class

Paul England

OS Security and Trusted Platforms
Workshop 4
18.30 Drinks Drinks
19.00 Dinner Dinner Dinner Gala Dinner Dinner