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Design for Security

Capability in the design of systems that meet security goals is an increasingly important skill. This course explores how cost-effective solutions to security needs can be achieved by following well-established architectural practices and detailed security principles. Central to these considerations is meeting the requirements with established solutions, and striking a balance between security and other system requirements.


This course normally runs twice a year.

Course dates

13th January 2025Oxford University Department of Computer Science - Held in the Department10 places remaining.


At the end of the course, students will

  • know the strengths and weaknesses of different security design techniques
  • be able to specify a security solution to fulfill specific design requirements


Managing Security
Enterprise business strategies; Promoting security; Information security policy;
Security Requirements
Motivation for security requirements; Security requirements artefacts; Specifying security requirements;
Security Design Process
Business continuity; Principles of security design; AEGIS design methodology;
Security Architectures
Security design patterns; Platform and channel security components; Enterprise security architectures;
Designing Access Control
Security and access control; Access control policy; Security policy models;
Designing Secure Systems
Security standards; Security decision-making; Design principles; Architecture principles; Security vs other architectural goals.


This course assumes a level of familiarity with basic security concepts and mechanisms. Security Principles would be an ideal preparation.