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Software Development Management

Successful management of software projects is a vital ingredient for overall success. This course gives a thorough grounding in software development management, and features the skills needed to manage innovative technologies and techniques.

Course dates

31st January 2022Oxford University Department of Computer Science - FINAL ITERATION AS COURSE TO BE DISCONTINUED please request the assignment only option if previously withdrawn 0 places remaining.


At the end of the course the student will be able to assess a software development situation and choose an appropriate management strategy. They will be able to justify the introduction of innovative methods, and take a lead in the management of their use.


industrial software production; management problems; established methodologies.
Risk analysis:
risk analysis and assessment; case studies.
Software project management:
project environment; project life cycle; business processes; project planning and execution; organisations; the project manager's roles, relationships, and activities.
Quality and productivity:
measurement and improvement.
Managing people:
environmental factors; teams - development, behaviour, empowerment; communication; leadership; creativity.
the impact of new methods; case studies presented by guest speakers from industry.
Group exercise:
analysis and estimates; identification of possible solutions; selection and justification of choice; management presentation.


Experience of working in a software development environment is desirable but not essential.