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Trust 2009
international conference on the technical and
socio-economic aspects of trusted computing

Green Hills Sponsored Session

A special session at Trust 2009 will be sponsored by Green Hills Software. There will be a reception prior to dinner, and David Kleidermacher, CTO at Green Hill Software, will give a talk discussing the recent EAL6+ High Robustness certification on their INTEGRITY operating system.

Green Hills Software Inc. INTEGRITY


An operating system has recently been certified to the highest Common Criteria security level (EAL 6+) ever achieved for a software technology. The certification was performed under the auspices of a U.S. government program to protect national secrets against sophisticated attackers. This presentation will describe the certification, including formal methods and NSA penetration testing, and the security principles that guided development and how they can be applied by developers. For the first time, IT professionals have a high assurance general purpose software certification to examine and apply as a path towards preventing software vulnerabilities, instead of reacting to their exploits.