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Alphabetical List of Courses - 2014-2015

Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
Advanced Security
Automata, Logic and Games
Categorical Quantum Mechanics
Categories, Proofs and Processes
Computational Complexity
Computational Learning Theory
Computational Linguistics
Computer Animation
Computer Architecture
Computer Graphics
Computer Networks
Computer Security
Computer-Aided Formal Verification
Computers in Society
Concurrent Algorithms and Data Structures
Concurrent Programming
Continuous Mathematics
Database Systems Implementation
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Digital Systems
Discrete Mathematics
Elements of Deductive Logic
Foundations of Computer Science
Functional Programming
General Philosophy
Geometric Modelling
Group Design Practical
Imperative Programming I
Imperative Programming II
Integer Programming
Intelligent Systems
Introduction to Formal Proof
Introduction to Logic
Knowledge Representation & Reasoning
Lambda Calculus and Types
Linear Algebra
Logic and Proof
Machine Learning
Models of Computation
Numerical Solution of Differential Equations I
Numerical Solution of Differential Equations II
Object Oriented Programming
Principles of Programming Languages
Probabilistic Model Checking
Probability and Computing
Quantum Computer Science
Software Verification
Theory of Data and Knowledge Bases
Turing on Computability and Intelligence
Visual Analytics