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Group Design Practical:  2021-2022



Part AComputer Science and Philosophy

Part A CoreComputer Science

Part AMathematics and Computer Science



All second year undergraduates reading Computer Science, Computer Science and Philosophy and Mathematics and Computer Science take part in a group design exercise in their second year. This is intended to give an opportunity to practice skills learned in all four core programming courses, and to develop a range of further skills including team-working, project and time management, and presentation skills.


The goal of the group design practical is to give you, the student, a chance to understand and learn the skills required to succeed in delivering a real-world project, not just writing a program.

In addition to using the skills learnt during the four core programming courses to actually code, to succeed in this project you’ll need to

  • engage with your customer to understand what their needs are
  • agree with the customer what your solution will and won’t do in order to solve their needs (and update/negotiate changes with them as necessary)
  • self-organise with your team to distribute work and make sure the whole solution works together
  • plan your time to deliver what the customer needs when they need it
  • provide the solution to the customer in a form
    • they can easily deploy (installation, configuration)
    • they can easily use (documentation, briefings, maintainability, good diagnostics)
    • they won’t break (careful testing)
    • and considers the ethical and societal impacts of the solution.

These are all solid basics that any tech company or research group expects of any good contributor – this is your chance to develop these skills as part of your degree.

If you want to see what students got up to in previous years, please have a look here: