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Predicting Election Results Using Social Media & Fundamentals


Suitable for

Computer Science, Part B
Mathematics and Computer Science, Part C
Computer Science and Philosophy, Part C
Computer Science, Part C


With the upcoming French elections and the mixed performance of polls in recent months in mind, the goal of this project will be to see to what extent fundamentals, such as economic indicators, demographic indicators, incumbents, etc. and the use of social media such as twitter, facebook etc. can be used to predict election results. The project will involve a survey of past methods used, as well as data collection and model fitting. This project is open-ended (and hence potentially risky); the main aim is to get good results using historical and current data.

It would be helpful if the student has good programming experience as wel as knowledge of various different machine learning techniques.

The project will involve collabortion with Dr. Vincent Cohen-Addad (Copenhagen)