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Resilience – metrics and tools for understanding organisational resilience


Suitable for

MSc in Computer Science


Resilience in the face of cyber-attack is considered a key requirement for organisations. Prior work within the cybersecurity analytics group has been developing a resilience model for organisations, but there remains a commonly agreed set of metrics that organisations can use to determine just how resilient they are (at a given point in time and continuously). This mini-project would seek to propose a set of metrics, and if time allows tools for applying them (although the latter may well better suit a following DPhil). The approach will be to consider the development of metrics to measure the various characteristics or organisational capabilities / behaviours that are determined to be necessary in order to be resilient. It will be necessary to consider how the metrics might vary according to, or take account of, different threat environments. It may also be interesting to consider if there are refinements of the resilience requirements that apply to different types of organisations. Data analytics approaches will need to be considered, in order to apply the metrics, and students might consider the use of visualisation to help with this. The resulting metrics will be validated in consultation with security professionals and organisations possessing resilience related experience. In the context of the mini-project this is most likely achievable via a small number of interviews, with a more detailed validation and iterative design approach being supported by a longitudinal study working with 2 or 3 organisations which might adopt and test the metrics