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Organisational Resilience and Self-* re-planning


Suitable for

MSc in Computer Science


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a type of performance measurement in organisations. They evaluate the success of activities in which an organisation or system engages. Often success is measured in terms of whether an activity has been able to complete and able to repeat (e.g. zero defects, customer satisfaction or similar), other times it is measured in terms of making progress towards a strategic goal. Well-chosen KPIs allows us to reflect upon performance of an organisation, and possibly identify potential future degradation issues in systems. In this project, students are tasked to investigate how KPIs can be used to measure and improve cyber-resilience in an organisation. Particularly, we are interested in investigating how the performance of an organisation, particularly with respects to security as well as mission performance. After identifying which aspects of an organisation or the mission are prone to error, it may be beneficial to propose solutions for how these issues can be addressed. With "self*-re-planning", we believe it would be possible for a system to suggest and automate certain aspects of how the mission, infrastructure or organisation can be repurposed to not fail. The student is encouraged to approach this challenge as they see fit, but would be expected to design, implement and assess any methods they develop. For instance, the project may be network-security focused, mission-processes focused or otherwise. It may also investigate more formal approaches to self-* re-planning methods.

Requirements: Programming and/or Social Science Research Methods.