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Computer Vision for Physical Security


Suitable for

MSc in Computer Science
Computer Science, Part B
Mathematics and Computer Science, Part C
Computer Science and Philosophy, Part C
Computer Science, Part C


Computer Vision allows machines to recognise objects in real-world footage. In principle, this allows machines to flag potential threats in an automated fashion based on historical and present images in video footage of real-world environments. Automated threat detection mechanisms to help security guards identify threats would be of tremendous help to them, especially if they have to temporarily leave their post, or have to guard a significant number of areas. In this project, students are asked to implement a system that is able to observe a real environment over time and attempt to identify potential threats, independent of a number of factors, e.g. lighting conditions or wind conditions. The student is encouraged to approach this challenge as they see fit, but would be expected to design, implement and assess any methods they develop. One approach might be to implement a camera system using e.g. a web camera or a Microsoft Kinect to conduct anomaly detection on real-world environments, and flag any issues related to potential threats.

Requirements: Programming skills required