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Understanding Enterprise Infrastructure Dependencies


Suitable for

MSc in Computer Science
Computer Science, Part B
Mathematics and Computer Science, Part C
Computer Science and Philosophy, Part C
Computer Science, Part C


There are many tools available for detecting and monitoring cyber-attacks based on network traffic and these are accompanied by a wide variety of tools designed to make alerts tangible to security analysts. By comparison, the impact of these attacks on an organisational level has received little attention. An aspect that could be enhanced further is the addition of a tool facilitating management and updating of our understanding of business processes, but also how those processes are dependent on a network infrastructure. This tool could facilitate the mapping between company strategies, activities needed to accomplish company goals and map these down to the network and people assets. At the top of the hierarchy lies the board, responsible for strategic decisions. These decision are interpreted in the managerial level and could be captured and analysed with business objective diagrams. These diagrams in return could be refined further to derive business processes and organisational charts, ensuring that decision made in the top level will be enforced in the lower levels. The combination of business processes and organisation charts could eventually provide the network infrastructure. For this project we suggest a student could develop novel algorithms for mapping of business processes to network infrastructures in an automated way (given the updated business process files). That said, the student is encouraged to approach this challenge as they see fit, but would be expected to design, implement and assess any methods they develop. Other projects on business process modelling also possible, depending on interest and inspiration.