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Design /Architectural Vulnerability analysis of Distributed Ledgers


Sadie Creese
(World Economic Forum Cyber Security Centre, Strategic Advisory Board Member World Economic Forum Cyber Security Centre, Strategic Advisory Board Member)

Suitable for

MSc in Computer Science
Computer Science, Part B
Mathematics and Computer Science, Part C
Computer Science and Philosophy, Part C
Computer Science, Part C


This project would seek to study the general form of distributed ledgers, and the claimed nuances and general for in implementations, and assess all the possible week points that might make implementations open to compromise. The general approach will be to develop a detailed understanding of the security requirements and inter-dependencies of functionality – capturing the general security case for a distributed ledger and how it decomposes into lower level security requirements. Then an assessment will be made of each, and the potential for vulnerabilities in design and implementation considered. The ultimate result being a broad analysis of potential weak-points. If possible these will then be practically investigated in a lab-based environment. One output might be a proposal for testing strategies.