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A High-Level Scripting Language for AudioMoth


Suitable for

MSc in Computer Science


AudioMoth is a low-cost open-source smart acoustic sensor used for biodiversity and environmental sensing ( There are 10,000 AudioMoth devices in use today; the majority of which are using the standard firmware which provides scheduled recording. We want to open up AudioMoth to ecologists and environmental scientists who wish to use it as a generic data logging platform and to do so we need to provide a high level scripting language that is easy to use and familiar to users of Python and R (currently all AudioMoth code must be in low-level embedded C code). This project will deliver this language (possibly a new language or the porting of an existing language, such as MicroPython, to the AudioMoth platform) and an associated standard library that make reprogramming and reconfiguring AudioMoth simple and straightforward.