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Why CS at Oxford? What our students think

Why CS at Oxford? What our students think Elsewhere we explored what we think makes doing Computer Science at Oxford unique. But don't just take our word for it. We asked some of our existing students why they chose to study Computer Science at Oxford, and what they consider the best thing to be about the course. Their answers are given below.

We also asked them how they found the admissions process. There is also a selection of student profiles.

The course and facilities

The best thing? The teaching of principals rather than a specific language and the high standard of teaching with the Oxford tutorial system. First year Maths and Computer Science student, from a UK State school.

A huge amount of textbooks can be found in libraries and there is a strong academic environment as well. The practical sessions are helpful in getting a better understanding about the courses, and the demonstrators are so nice, and ready with useful hints all the time. Second Year Computer Science student from China

The varied nature of the course structure (with lectures both large and small, practical labs, tutorials and classes) has been a good way to ensure understanding of the course material. The Mathematics and Computer Science course is great - but don't think that it just takes the "easy" bits of each discipline! First Year Maths and Computer Science student, from a UK Grammar school

I was attracted to the wide variety of courses available in later years and I was interested in the wide variety of logic related courses available. Third Year, female Maths and Computer Science student

Oxford obviously has such a great reputation for all subjects, along with the beauty of the place, but also I loved the way Oxford chooses to teach Computer Science. Whereas other universities focus on just learning several languages, Oxford really focuses on WHY you use them, and teaches how to create computer programs, not in a specific language, as that's the easy part, but in the general ideas. First Year Maths and Computer Science student, from a UK State school

The course and the people are the best things about studying at Oxford, and those with the location make it unique. I chose Oxford because of its reputation, and because of the impressive provisions for Computer Science. I’d absolutely recommend the course to prospective students - in particular the theory is taught well, rather than many individual languages, so that learning to do new things with programming is easier. Third Year Computer Science student, from a UK State school

I chose Oxford simply because it is world leading in almost every discipline, and to attend has always been an aim. Another large contributory factor was that Oxford offers a course in Maths and Computer Science, which is uncommon amongst universities. The course particularly appeals to me because I am not a programmer at heart - I am interested in the theoretical and mathematical parts of computer science, and so the (comparatively) pure nature of the computer science half of the course fits me well. The same can be said, in fact, of the mathematics half - I am not required to study areas I find less interesting, such as calculus or statistics. Obviously, it's fantastic to be taught by some of the leading academics in each field, and studying at Oxford in general is wonderful - the people and the city itself are great. Second Year Maths and Computer Science student from a UK State school

Reputation, connections and careers

There are so many opportunities to come into contact with major organisations in industry whilst in Oxford, and this is a great advantage when considering employment prospects after your degree. First Year Maths and Computer Science student, from a UK Grammar school

The prestige and diversity of Oxford gives you unique possibilities to meet interesting people from all corners of the world and with different qualities, to try out new experiences such as sport, drama, music and so much more through the different clubs and societies. Second Year Computer Science student from Romania

The course here is excellent at providing very transferable skills which can be used both in an academic setting and in the workplace. I'd like to work in investment banking or financial consulting, and I think an Oxford degree will help me get noticed. The M&C [Maths and Computer Science] course is really stimulating and the tutorial system definitely makes Oxbridge so exceptional – the tutors are fantastic at making sure you really understand the subject. Oxford is an amazing city, and the collegiate system makes it really sociable (even if there's loads more work than I anticipated!) Oxford's reputation attracted me. First Year Maths and Computer Science student, from a UK academy school

Like most other students, I chose Oxford more or less because of its reputation. I was looking for a place where I can be tought by people who are not only extremely good at what they do but are also very passionate about it. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to study when I applied. I knew I wanted to do a lot of mathematics and I felt I needed a course in which I could directly apply what I was studying, make it work. Mathematics and Computer Science was a perfect choice. First Year Maths and Computer Science student, from Bulgaria

I wanted to study Computer Science because I was very passionate about mathematics and informatics, it gives me pleasure solving logical problems. Also there is a high demand for CS graduates and a lot of diverse job opportunities. I chose Oxford because I wanted to study at one of the best universities in the world and Oxford was the one with the best qualities in terms of tradition, quality of education, fees, and location. Studying Computer Science at Oxford is more theoretical and is taught by world-leading researchers and academics so you get a different perspective towards the material compared to most universities. Also the historical aspect of living in a city with beautiful buildings, going to events in subfusc [gown] and black tie is amazing. Second Year Computer Science student from Romania

Student life

The wonderful academic, energetic environment, and British culture were the main reasons for me to choose the University of Oxford. Second Year Computer Science student from China

There's plenty to do outside of work - I have continued with music, and auditioned for and was awarded the college music scholarship. There are plenty of concerts/recitals to become involved in within both colleges and the university. First Year Maths and Computer Science student, from a UK Grammar school

Since coming to Oxford I've picked up Tae Kwon Do, I participated in a drama production, and next term I plan to pick up salsa dancing. There are a crazy amount of clubs, for so many things, there's always something going on. I've also participated in a few hypnosis experiments, where I ended up getting paid for it! Oxford's just a busy, hectic, beautiful, brilliant place to live. First Year male Maths and Computer Science student, from a UK State school

The entirety of Michaelmas [first] term in my first year was the best 8 weeks of my life - I just felt like I belonged in Oxford, and everyone I met was so friendly. I can't single out an event that's been the highlight - some of the best times I've had have just been chatting with friends. I am currently president of the (very small) university lifesaving club, which provides more than enough extra-curricular activity! I think that being involved with one sport/club fairly seriously is about right - some people miraculously juggle several societies, responsibilities and hobbies, but I would find that with many more commitments I would struggle to find time to socialise with my friends - possibly the best part of Oxford! Second Year Maths and Computer Science student from a UK State school

Being away from home 8 weeks straight is challenging at times, but there is so much stuff to do in Oxford that time flies very quickly. I've rowed for college in the Christ Church Regatta and Torpids. [Rowing races that involve bumping your boats into other teams' boats.] I went to a few Wine Tasting Society and Magdalen Film Society meetings. I am also the Entz [Entertainment] Rep for the Romanian Society. Second Year Computer Science student from Romania